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A Glossary of Blogging

I’m a blogging nerd. So I spend a good bit of my time zooming around the internet looking for things that might be of interest to all my blogging friends. And I found something pretty interesting and that might broaden your knowledge. It might even give you a giggle or two.

Wikipedia Says…Wikipedia

It’s something I’ve stolen from Wikipedia. I know it’s not the absolute, final word on anything of substance, but Wikipedia can be pretty informative in most instances.


Here’s the link (

Three Words for 2017


New Year’s Resolutions are for the birds!New Years Resolutions

At least usually they are. We all mean well when we make them, but it usually doesn’t take long at all until they fall by the wayside, does it? Trying to improve ourselves by making a promise to lose 50 pounds, or to stop smoking or to learn a new language is a great idea, but so often they just don’t work.

Why? So many reasons!

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My Favorite Daughter



cccMy daughter Cindy had a birthday last Friday. Since then she’s been 52 years old. That’s dating both of us, I know, but it’s true nonetheless.

She flew down from the chilly Autumn of Maryland to the pleasant, sunshiny and warm Autumn of Florida to let us help her celebrate. She’s a very active lady with her dog training business See Spot Grin, and it’s difficult for her to find enough contiguous time in her busy schedule to fly down to spend a few days with Mom and Dad. But she always tries and usually succeeds—just like she does with everything else, I might add.

She and Barbara were able to spend some quality time together. They always enjoy going shopping together, and they enjoy each others company completely. (Proof: You should see and hear them when they get on one of their laughing jags!) Read more

4 Simple Keys to Success



8087-success-in-life-is-not-about-luck-it-is-about-managed-thoughtsDo you find it hard to be sucessful? To get things accomplished? To get things checked off your checklist? I’ll bet you do. I think we all do.

When you work from home—or just on a schedule that varies from day to day as most of us bloggers and entrepreneurs do—as nice and wonderful as that seems to be, it’s easy to drift into doing something you shouldn’t be doing that keeps you from getting done what you set out to do in the first place.

The Oldest Puzzle in the Universe

Where does the time go? That’s a puzzle that’s been plaguing mankind since the days of the Neanderthals. I’m not sure anyone has figured out the real answer to that question, but we have figured out some ways to cope with the problems it makes. Read more

5 Podcasts I Listen to Every Week

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Just like science, the internet and technology, a podcast is a wonderful thing to behold! The idea that we can find so many fascinating things to listen to and learn about is really remarkable and one of the best darn things about this modern world we live in.

If you haven’t discovered podcasts yet, I can only tell you that you don’t what you’re missing. A podcast is a lot like a recording of a radio show that you can carry around with you on your smart phone, PC, tablet or iPod (if that’s your shtick) and listen with your ear buds (or actual ear phones) anytime you please—on your walks, in the doctor’s office or just in your easy chair at home while you’re resting your eyes. It’s kinda like having an encyclopedia right there in your pocket. And they’re all free. Read more