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Three Words for 2017


New Year’s Resolutions are for the birds!New Years Resolutions

At least usually they are. We all mean well when we make them, but it usually doesn’t take long at all until they fall by the wayside, does it? Trying to improve ourselves by making a promise to lose 50 pounds, or to stop smoking or to learn a new language is a great idea, but so often they just don’t work.

Why? So many reasons!

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4 Simple Keys to Success



8087-success-in-life-is-not-about-luck-it-is-about-managed-thoughtsDo you find it hard to be sucessful? To get things accomplished? To get things checked off your checklist? I’ll bet you do. I think we all do.

When you work from home—or just on a schedule that varies from day to day as most of us bloggers and entrepreneurs do—as nice and wonderful as that seems to be, it’s easy to drift into doing something you shouldn’t be doing that keeps you from getting done what you set out to do in the first place.

The Oldest Puzzle in the Universe

Where does the time go? That’s a puzzle that’s been plaguing mankind since the days of the Neanderthals. I’m not sure anyone has figured out the real answer to that question, but we have figured out some ways to cope with the problems it makes. Read more

Do You Really Need a Business Plan?



Business plan made of post it notes
Business plan made of post it notes
Do You Really Need a Business Plan?

That’s the question for today! And it’s an extremely important question!

And the answer to that question is always a resounding “YES!

The question that you should be asking yourself is:

What Kind of a Business Plan Do I Need?

OK, now we’re getting somewhere. Every business needs a business plan, and if you are a blogger, you should consider yourself a business. So should you have a business plan? You bet! Got it?

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5 Ways to Get Yourself Organized


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I’m Late! I’m Late! For a Very Important Date!

Remember the White Rabbit from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland? Always running late, he was. And I’ll bet you feel that way sometimes too. Am I right? Well, don’t feel that you’re the only one. We all get that way from time to time. Even the most organized of us do.

But here’s the good news! There are ways to minimize those times and tools to get you there, and they’re not difficult to develop and use. It’s just a matter of forming good habits. Here are some things you should do to make things better. Read more

The Future Lies Ahead! No! Really!


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Vacation Complete! Back to Work!Back to Work

That long awaited vacation of mine that I told you about is over, and it’s time to get back to work.

You know that I urge all of you to take the time off that you deserve. So I did just that! I decided to practice what I’ve been preaching to you for so long. You know that old saying: “Do as I say, not as I do.” Now though, at least this time, I can say: “Do as I do too!”

And let me tell you, it’s just as I said it would be. How good it is to be able to relax with the family, do nothing but what we all really want to do. And to be able to reflect on where I’ve been, where I am and where I want to go in the future. Read more