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Time Out for Bloggers


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If you’re a blogger, I know you’re pretty much like me.  We’re all running our own little (OK! Maybe big) businesses, aren’t we?  Hoping to make a bit of cash, either to bring home the bacon or just to make life a little easier and to be able to get out to eat a couple of times a week.

And sometimes it seems that we just can’t get away to take that time off that we really do deserve.  That time off is kind of superfluous, isn’t it?  There’s just so much to do and only so many hours in a day to get it done!

out of officeBut here’s the truth.  Taking time off is a huge part of doing your job!  Without taking time to rest and relax you’re going to find you’re just spinning your wheels from time to time and beating your head against the wall.  And I suspect you have better things to do with your head.  Am I right?  I certainly do.

During the Work Day

As entrepreneurs we sometimes have some very long days.  And those long days tend to breed mental fatigue and frequently even mental confusion.  Believe me; I’ve been there.  Many times my missus has to get the whip out to tell me it’s time to cut it off—the working, that is.

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5 Ways to Stay Regular


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No!  No!  Not that kind of regular!

So look, I’m always preaching to you that one of the important things about blogging is that you have to commit to doing it regularly—on a schedule.  Now it looks I’ve made the giant boo-boo of getting away from my schedule and getting off track.

Several Bad Days at a TimeSometimes other things get in the way and you just can’t get it done.  And that’s what happened to me, dear friends.

I’ve got an explanation—a couple of them in fact.  I had to have some minor eye surgery done.  And then there were the doctors’ appointments for me and my love.  And a few other things that kept me all tied up.  All perfectly good explanations.

But not one of them is a valid excuse!  I should have been better prepared!

I made a promise to you, my readers, that I was committed to giving you the information and confidence you need to become better bloggers, and for a couple of weeks there I wasn’t doing that.

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4 Steps to Take to Write a Blog Post



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So you’ve figured out what you want to write about, gone over your list of ideas and decided what you’re in the mood to take on this day to spread your awesomeness around the blogosphere.  Now what?  What’s the best way to get organized and to get those juices oozing from your pores?

The only thing I know is what works for me, so let me let you in on that.  Here we go.  My method is pretty simple—four steps— not complicated at all, and yours doesn’t have to be either.

Step #1 – Pick a Topic

Pick a topicNow for some of you this may be the most difficult thing of all—what to write about?  First of all usually it should be something related to your niche.  I say usually because after all that’s what your readers are there for, right?

But once in a while it’s OK to bring in something not totally on subject, and something that you’ve run across that’s just plain interesting or fun.  All people like to hear and read good stories, and if it’s your story—about you—that makes it even better.  It creates a bond between you and your clients like nothing else can do, and that’s invaluable.

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You Gotta Have a Dream


South PacificOne of my favorite Broadway—and Hollywood—musicals is “South Pacific”, that Rogers and Hammerstein masterpiece based on James Michener’s classic “Tales of the South Pacific.”  The richness of the story of Navy men and women caught up in the exotic background of the South Pacific amid the lurking drama of World War II is one of the finest ever told.

The songs are spectacular: “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair!”, “Some Enchanted Evening”, “Honeybun” and of course “You Have to Be Carefully Taught”.

The book and the show deal with prejudice in two parallel stories: one of Nurse Nellie Forbush who, despite her deep love for French planter and widower Emile de Becque and his two children, has trouble dealing with his past marriage to a native woman, and the other the love story between Marine Lieutenant Joseph Cable and the beautiful native girl Liat.

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A Lesson from Jose Gaspar

Jose Gaspar from 1900 Brochure
Jose Gaspar from 1900 Brochure

Long, long ago, back in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, there lived a man named Jose Gaspar, or so they say.  His early life was clouded in mystery, as is this tale I’m going to spin for you.

A Legendary Tale of Persistence

Legend has it that Jose Gaspar was born in Spain in 1756 and served in Spanish navy until 1783 when he either deserted or fled to avoid imprisonment.  He then appeared off the west coast of what was then Spanish Florida.

Gaspar turned to piracy in his ship the Floriblanca.  He became the scourge of the eastern Gulf of Mexico and adopted the nickname Gasparilla, the “last of the Buccaneers.”  After years of amassing enormous wealth, he finally met his end in December 1821, when he ran afoul of the pirate hunting schooner USS Enterprise.  Although the Floriblanca was riddled with cannon balls, he avoided capture by tying an anchor around his waist and committing himself to the salty deep. Read more