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Concierge Website Care


Exclusively from The Oggie Web LLC

All-encompassing website care for one easily affordable annual subscription!

For new or existing WordPress websites hosted at The Oggie Web LLC or at any other hosting service!

Don’t ever worry about your website again!

Leave it in the capable hands of The Oggie Web LLC!

We take care of it all: Backups, Hacking, Viruses—even a Zombie Apocalypse!

To make this program as attractive as we can, we’re offering a first year discount of 25% for current Oggie Web clients through the end of 2016!



An Annual Subscription of only $1200 for websites with fewer than 10 pages

($600 with your first year discount)

An Annual Subscription of only $1750 for websites with 10 or more pages

($875 with your first year discount)



From The Oggie Web LLC Includes:

  • A brand new WordPress website, fully configured to your specifications
  • Up to three domain names purchased through The Networthy Net at no additional cost
  • Premium hosting for three domain names at The Oggie Web LLC
  • Seamless completion of all website maintenance
  • Automatic installation of all website upgrades (WordPress, themes, and plugins)
  • Expert consultation with you, the client, on all website changes and improvements
  • Incorporation of all new client desired website changes and improvements
  • Additions of all new client desired website software features
  • One complete website redesign per (calendar) year, or incorporation of the client’s choice of one new WordPress theme per (calendar) year
  • Basic KISS! SEO Package from OggieSEO


CALL OGGIE AT 352-610-6444 OR 855-644-4393!

5 Podcasts I Listen to Every Week

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Just like science, the internet and technology, a podcast is a wonderful thing to behold! The idea that we can find so many fascinating things to listen to and learn about is really remarkable and one of the best darn things about this modern world we live in.

If you haven’t discovered podcasts yet, I can only tell you that you don’t what you’re missing. A podcast is a lot like a recording of a radio show that you can carry around with you on your smart phone, PC, tablet or iPod (if that’s your shtick) and listen with your ear buds (or actual ear phones) anytime you please—on your walks, in the doctor’s office or just in your easy chair at home while you’re resting your eyes. It’s kinda like having an encyclopedia right there in your pocket. And they’re all free. Read more

What Will Blogging Be Like in 100 Years?


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Today I’d like to speculate a bit about the future.  A couple of weeks ago, in Once Upon a Time, you met Oggie, that distant relative of mine who lived in that undisclosed location in that wonderful land of Blogosphere.  He was the one who gave poor old Hugo his voice, remember?

Well, as you recall, Oggie was also a great blogologist, a master wizard and a magician to boot.  He’s a bit older now and has grown even wiser, so I asked him if he could tell me what blogging might be like in 100 years.  We sat down for a drink or two in his office in the house on the hill and discussed the matter.

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Your New Key to Success


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Of course you know that a website is a “must have” for a business.  Has been for a long, long time.  As I frequently remind business owners, “If you don’t have a website, you’re not really in business”.

Yet many of them refuse to believe me—to their own peril, I might add.  If you don’t have a website, no one with a computer will be able to find you so they can take advantage of the wonderful things you do or sell.  And everyone has a computer nowadays, right?  Well, almost everybody.

Old computerSo there are still some dinosaurs around.  And they are falling further and further behind the curve every day.  I don’t understand it, I really don’t.  It’s really pretty easy to do simple things on a computer, things like email, surfing the web and doing your shopping.  All those things make life so much easier, especially that last one.

In the beginning there was that clunky old desktop computer that spoke DOS.  Then along came Windows and laptops.  Pardon me if I ignore the Apple machines.  I’m really not much of an Apple guy except for iPhones and iPads, both of which I own and think very highly of.  It’s just that I know my way pretty well around PCs and at this stage in my life the PCs in my life serve me very well.

And Then…BOOM!

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Did Curiosity Kill the Cat?

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You’ve heard that old saw since you were knee high to a grasshopper, right?  Me too.  I think that was one of those old wives’ tales meant to keep their kids in line.  Youhttp://Podcast 128 – Did Curiosity Kill the Cat.mp3 know, and old-fashioned version of modern day crowd control, so to speak, meant to keep the kids from getting into things Mom and Dad didn’t want them to.

So, did curiosity really kill the cat?  And will it today?  Of course not!

Curiosity is one of those things to add to your toolbox and to take advantage of.  A business man or business woman or blogger couldn’t survive without enormous curiosity!

That’s the very essence of entrepreneurship, isn’t?  We always have to be looking for new things to do and new ways of doing the things we’re already doing.

And we see that in so many ways in our daily “business” life.

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