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5 Quick and Dirty SEO Tips to Get Your Website Noticed


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SEO 5I’ve written before at length about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but here are a few quick tips about organic on-site SEO for you to follow to bring your website or blog up to snuff.

Now bear in mind that while these tips are quick and easy to take care of, raising your position in the search engines takes some time, so do be patient.

And, as I tell all my clients and everyone else who asks me about SEO, if anyone tells you they can get you on page 1 of the Google machine by next week, they’re lying to you. It takes time, but the sooner you get started, the sooner you will see some pretty good results! Read more

4 Ways to Refresh Your Website


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Your website really stinks!

stinkIs that what viewers who come to your website think? You don’t know? Well. you’d better start thinking about it then.

You built your website way back when, maybe when you were just starting your business.

Or maybe you’ve already gone through two or three rewrites of it. But if you haven’t had it spruced up in a couple of years, the time to get to work on it is now.

Potential Customers and Clients Are Your Bread and Butter

They are the ones who pay your salary after all.

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Your New Key to Success


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Of course you know that a website is a “must have” for a business.  Has been for a long, long time.  As I frequently remind business owners, “If you don’t have a website, you’re not really in business”.

Yet many of them refuse to believe me—to their own peril, I might add.  If you don’t have a website, no one with a computer will be able to find you so they can take advantage of the wonderful things you do or sell.  And everyone has a computer nowadays, right?  Well, almost everybody.

Old computerSo there are still some dinosaurs around.  And they are falling further and further behind the curve every day.  I don’t understand it, I really don’t.  It’s really pretty easy to do simple things on a computer, things like email, surfing the web and doing your shopping.  All those things make life so much easier, especially that last one.

In the beginning there was that clunky old desktop computer that spoke DOS.  Then along came Windows and laptops.  Pardon me if I ignore the Apple machines.  I’m really not much of an Apple guy except for iPhones and iPads, both of which I own and think very highly of.  It’s just that I know my way pretty well around PCs and at this stage in my life the PCs in my life serve me very well.

And Then…BOOM!

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WordPress, Yes or No?



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WP logoIf you’ve used WordPress, you know what a great platform it can be for blogging or any other kind of website, even for those more involved and complicated ecommerce applications. It’s no wonder then that it’s the most popular and most used blogging and content management system (CMS) in the world.

It started out as a purely blogging piece of software.  But today many of the world’s most prominent companies use WordPress as the platform for their websites—companies like the Huffington Post, BBC America, eBay, Best Buy, Fortune, Time, The New York Times and so many others.

Along with the selection of a great domain name and premium hosting service, I recommend WordPress to everyone who asks me for guidance in developing a blog or a website.  In fact I use it exclusively when I create blogs and websites for my clients.

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Spring Is Bustin’ Out All Over!



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daylight savings time 2Last Sunday morning we “sprang forward” again, that wonderful time of year when we send the signal that Spring, and soon thereafter, Summer are on the way with all their glory.  What could be more wonderful?  After the cold and snow and slush of winter, the daffodils are beginning to bloom, the robins come bob, bob, bobbing along.

I must admit that here in Florida winter isn’t really all that terrible.  But we do have our occasional freezes (OK, not much below 32 degrees. but still…) and we do bundle up from time to time (with sweaters and light jackets).  But Spring is still as welcome here as anywhere.

A Time for Refreshing and Sprucing Up

The new beginning that Spring brings is similar to that of New Years Day and all the promises that come with resolutions for improvement and betterment.  One big difference though is that now everything’s brighter and shinier. Read more