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Consulting Services from OggieSEZ

Consulting ServicesThere comes a time in your career when you need a bit of advice and guidance.  God knows I’m no stranger to needing and getting help from time to time.  The two critical things to remember about the need for help are (1) realizing when you need it and (2) knowing where to go to get it.

Sometimes we try and try and try to figure something out and just can’t do it, a new app or piece of software for instance.  Sometimes we can walk away from it for a bit, come back and, SHAZAM!, the solution pops right out at us.


But Sometimes It Doesn’t!

Then it’s time to ask for some help.  Help comes in many shapes and sizes.  There’s always Google and YouTube.  I use those a lot too.  There are books to study and seminars and classes to take.

But one of the best ways to get help is through one on one talks with someone who has more experience in the subject than you do.  One on one talk sessions give you an opportunity to ask questions about things you don’t understand and burrow deeper into the subject than you even knew you wanted to when you started.  One question answered just leads to another.


peanuts-blogging-advice-770x433 revA Time for Giving

Just as there are times when you need some advice and guidance, a time comes when you realize that you have the experience and expertise you need in order to offer some assistance to those who might want it or need it.

I’ve worked on websites and blogs for ten or so years now, faced all sort of challenges along the way and I’ve gathered a storehouse of information that I would love to share with the rest of you.

That’s the reason I became a blogger after all.  The whole purpose of this blog,, is to let you in on some of that hard earned information, so you can keep from making some of the same mistakes I made and so that you can become a bigger success more quickly.  In fact I wrote a post about that, “How to Learn from the Mistakes of Others”.


Consulting Services from OggieSEZ

If you can’t find the solution you want or need looking in the usual places, you will be pleased to note that I am available for consulting services to assist you and hopefully to get you on the right track to make your career soar.

Unfortunately there will necessarily be a modest charge of $35 per hour for this service, but I think you will find the cost quite worth the wisdom you will receive in return.


For more information please call me at 352-610-6444 or 855-644-4393 or email me at