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CopywritingI’ve done a good bit of writing in my day, in a lot of different situations and circumstances, both civilian and military. So I have a pretty good track record in copywriting. And of course I write daily for my blog and for many of my clients and for those just seeking to have me take care of a project for them. I came to the conclusion long ago that the more you write, the better you get at it, and over the years I’ve produced thousands pages of copy for several well-known firms.

One thing I’ve learned along the way is to always be wary of people selling their services on the internet who don’t post their prices or rates for you to see upfront. Usually, when that happens, there is a catch or a gotcha coming along. When they say they’ve given you a discount, you never know whether it’s the truth or not because you just don’t know what the original price was. It’s like shopping in a store where there are no price tags.

I don’t believe in catches or gotchas.

You’ll see a rough guide to my pricing schedule below. They are generally project-based and sometimes page-based rather than being based on the number of words. It has been my experience that basing pricing on the number of words leads to some pretty scurrilous results.

I think my fees are reasonable, competitive and easy to understand. If they fall within the range you are willing to consider, please contact me. And if they’re close, contact me too. I am always willing to bargain, especially on projects that look like a lot of fun.


Website copy:  $100-$250 per webpage.  (Most basic websites cost $350-$800, while larger, more content rich websites will be more expensive.)

Web content (fresh content every month):  $500-$750 per month for a minimum of six months.


Basic Copy Editing: Hourly rate of $35 per hour, with most jobs taking 1-3 hours.


Newsletter articles:  $250-$750.


Email copy:  $250-$750.

Email campaign (3 or more):  $200-$650 each.


Direct mailer copy:  $750-$1000 each for concept and copy.

Direct mail postcard:  $400-$650 each.

Direct mail letter:  $400-$1000 each.


Folder with three to five single-sheet inserts:  $1000-$2500.


Brochures, small or large (two to sixteen pages):  $500-$3500 & up.


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