My Favorite Daughter



cccMy daughter Cindy had a birthday last Friday. Since then she’s been 52 years old. That’s dating both of us, I know, but it’s true nonetheless.

She flew down from the chilly Autumn of Maryland to the pleasant, sunshiny and warm Autumn of Florida to let us help her celebrate. She’s a very active lady with her dog training business See Spot Grin, and it’s difficult for her to find enough contiguous time in her busy schedule to fly down to spend a few days with Mom and Dad. But she always tries and usually succeeds—just like she does with everything else, I might add.

She and Barbara were able to spend some quality time together. They always enjoy going shopping together, and they enjoy each others company completely. (Proof: You should see and hear them when they get on one of their laughing jags!)

While she was here, Cindy and I had a chance to sit down and talk about many things. But the best part was talking about her new venture “Connection, Cooperation & Control”.

First of all, let me in my proudest and loudest Dad voice say that my daughter is a genius with dogs of all kinds. Her idea of training goes far beyond “Sit” and “Roll Over”! It’s centered on becoming friends with your dog, enjoying each other’s company. The theory is that that’s the first step to complete dog training. She’ll probably read this and furiously begin correcting me here, but I can only tell you that she puts Barbara Woodhouse to shame!

And she has a head for business too, one that I wish I had. From delegating to dollars, she has taught me many valuable lessons. Actually we do share our collective wisdom with each other, but mostly it’s from her to me.

So what is the point of this blog post? There are at least two!

The first is that Barbara and I have a wonderful, accomplished daughter of whom we are very, very proud.

The second pertains to blogging. (Of course it does! Everything can be related to blogging, can’t it?) I frequently tell you that smarts are where you find them. The first lesson for a blogger is to always keep your eyes and ears open for ideas to blog about. They don’t always have to be about your niche. Your readers want to get to know you too. That makes you a person, a human being, to them. Everyone likes to hear good stories, and when you write them about yourself, and they’re good, it makes it easier for you to develop that bond that you want to establish with them.

Finally, if you’re a dog lover—or a dog—I encourage you to take a look at You’ll be glad you did.


Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something from it. Y’all come back now!



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