Three Words for 2017


New Year’s Resolutions are for the birds!New Years Resolutions

At least usually they are. We all mean well when we make them, but it usually doesn’t take long at all until they fall by the wayside, does it? Trying to improve ourselves by making a promise to lose 50 pounds, or to stop smoking or to learn a new language is a great idea, but so often they just don’t work.

Why? So many reasons!

  • We make too many of them and don’t or can’t concentrate on them long enough to make any real progress or just decide that it’s just too hard, darn it.
  • We make resolutions that it is just not within the range of possibility to complete in the time we say we’re going to do them in or to accomplish at all.
  • We get overrun with real life and forget about them.

No matter the reason, they just don’t get done. Am I right?


So a colleague of mine, Chris Brogan, came up with an idea. Why not, instead of making several complicated, long-winded resolutions that tax your memory and resilience, decide broadly what you want to accomplish during the year, come up with a few (say three!) words that embody them and that will help you put them into action?

Last year I took a page from Chris’s book and chose three words to help guide me through 2016. You might recall that those words were SHARE, GROW and AWESOME! And, although I don’t think I quite achieved AWESOME status, the words did serve me well and kept me focused well enough to approach AWESOMENESS (he said with his tongue somewhat firmly tucked in his cheek!) At least I am convinced that I did considerably better than I would have done without having them to guide me.

So now, what about this 2017 year we’re in? As you can see, I’m a little overdue with this post. After all my words are supposed to be guiding me through all of 2017, right? And I’m already thirteen days late with it. And that leads me to my three words for this year.

One of the things that I’ve always had a problem with is getting organized. So that’s my first word for the (almost) new year: ORGANIZE!

I think once you have ORGANIZE conquered, it’s only logical that you move on to PLAN! Right? Good planning always follows good organizing. So my second word for 2017 is PLAN!

These first two words, ORGANIZE and PLAN, are essential to doing the things you want to do. So you can probably figure out what my third word for 2017 is. DO! That’s right! It’s DO! Getting things done is what it’s all about, isn’t it? Accomplishing what you want to accomplish!


Those are Oggie’s three words for 2017! What are yours? Don’t think that, because we’re a couple of weeks into the new year, that it’s too late to start on this trail of your to success! It’s not at all. Put your thinking cap, decided what you think will make you successful this year, narrow it down to three words and then just do it.

Plaster those three words wherever you can so you’ll always keep them in mind and you won’t forget them—a note on your PC or fridge, your screensaver (I do this one!), send yourself emails.

As long as you keep at it, you’ll be successful at it. I know you will. Maybe we’ll both get closer to AWESOME this year.

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